How important is intake?

I originally thought that building a smooth intake was crucial to succeed, but after attending a few competitions, I am not sure. After reviewing the video footage, it seems like most of the best teams only use their intake a few times per match. Pushing the triballs (using wings or etc) seems to be more efficient. Our team was wondering on what to optimize on, so any input on intake designs or how your team is handling would be very appreciated. Thank you.

It depends on your team’s goals and strategic thoughts. What does your team think would be more effective? Take into consideration how much points could be scored theoretically, and what the best approach could be to the design decisions. Based on your observations, what seems to score more efficiently? Build and iterate. Show your team’s thought process in your engineering notebook. Prototype. I know this doesn’t directly answer your question, but I encourage taking these into consideration to help your team make decisions about your robot.


The importance of intake is based on what you and your teammates want to do with the robot. How do you want to score? Make a list of pros and cons of having an intake, and then another for not having an intake. Pros and Cons lists can help narrow down the decision of how important intake may be for your robot this year.