How is 1st place determined?

We play a total of 4 games. Do we add the total points scored of all 4 games to determine the winner (highest wins)?

Say that I used a defensive strategy, where we won with the score being 5-1 (hypothetical). Will I be at a disadvantage against teams that went 21-20 since they have a bigger total score? Or will my team be ahead since the difference of scores between my game was 4, while the difference between the other game was 1?

I honestly don’t know if I’m making sense

Seed is determined through a win-loose ratio. The higher the ratio, the higher you rank. Score is only taken into calculation if there is a tie in the Win-Loose ratio. You can see the following on a VexDB page like for example:

I’m not 100% sure how WPs and SPs (the tiebreakers) work so I’d like to leave that to someone more experienced.

This actually shows up in the game manual. Go to pdf pages 19 & 20 (17 & 18 by page numbers) for a full explanation.

Win Points (WPs) determine the rankings. In the case of a tie, APs (Autonomous Points), which are the number of autonomous bonus points a team earns over the course of the tournament, is the first tiebreaker. The second tiebreaker is the number of points scored by the losing alliance in all of a team’s matches, also known as Strength of Schedule Points (SPs).

@lpieroni Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Autonomous WINS which count for APs (even though it should be points)?

It doesn’t really make a difference. For each autonomous win, you get four AP. Each autonomous win also gets you 4 autonomous bonus points. Your AP is the number of autonomous wins your team has won, multiplied by four.

@lpieroni Wait, sorry. I mistook your post for saying that the points you get from auton are your APs (even though it should be that way)