How is competition switching going to be done with the v5?

I’ve been having trouble understanding as to how competition switching will be done with the v5 system. I’m wondering wether it is done through a wireless means, or the rj45 connection that the edr system uses.

On the back of the controller, I believe it has the same exact ports as the original controller. Now if only the competition can also charge the V5 controller as it’s plugged in :L
I hope this answers your question :smiley:

  • [TVA]Connor

Charging while being plugged in is an awesome idea to be honest. I really wouldn’t mind that since I’m pretty sure the controller will have it’s own internal battery :confused:

Based on what I’ve heard from beta testers I know, the current field control system will be used during transition. The V5 system has the capability, with a new field controller, for it to eventually be all done wirelessly. Drivers will select competition mode on the remote, which will connect to the field controller.

I’m pretty sure the wireless competition-switching is only for scrimmaging. @Paul Copioli said the Micro-USB port a new port would be used for future competition control.

In any case:

  • Relying on wireless switching for official matches would be a nightmare for event staff. Teams wouldn’t know how to connect, wouldn’t have their team number/alliance color set correctly, etc.
  • TM already doesn’t support wireless networking for a reason. For the same reason, field control – one of the most crucial pieces of tournament infrastructure – shouldn’t support wireless either.
  • While it makes sense from the teams’ perspective to have their controller charge while plugged in to field control, this would unnecessarily add additional complication to wiring up the event – the field control system would now have to be plugged into the wall in addition to a computer.

Edit: referenced official post

You could just use a portable charger as the battery connector is at the bottom and you could just use a smaller micro usb cable to connect it to the charger.

Just a clarification, the system is still EDR. What is changing is the the control system from Cortex to V5. Not meaning to be a troll, but I think things get much less confusing when we use the proper terminology. And to echo statements above, I don’t see the competition switching changing from the current method. Wirelessly would be a nightmare.

(Just a theory)
There could be a possibility that teams, after inspections, would be able to automatically connect to the field whenever the robot is both in range of the field and turned on, and I’m assuming the field control would be able to manage every connection in range and assign a connection of a team to the specific field. After a match ends, the manager would simply re-assign the field to the new upcoming connections. By doing wireless connections, it will remove the extra annoyance of a wire being in your way, the problem of accidentally pulling the wire out mid-match, as well as it increases simplicity a ton.

Doing it wirelessly is a nightmare. How do you determine “in range”? That may vary from venue to venue. It also opens up greater chance of unwanted interference. I agree that not having the wires would be nicer. I just do NOT see it happening. It adds a level of complexity that is going to be beyond the level of many event partners to implement or manage as well.

As an IT guy, a big NO to wireless competition switching. For the same reason we put network printers on wires - just more reliable and it keeps the number of troubleshooting steps down. Wireless is great for certain things but there are places where wires just cannot be beat.

I’d love to just see a USB printer cable for power and data for competition switching. Please no mini/micro usb (you’re asking for it to break.)

Answer: USB-C. Durable and reversible.

Alternative: magnetic connection. Downside: would almost certainly be proprietary.

But it’s probably too late for anything to change now anyway.

Controller renders seem to suggest it will be a Registered Jack (RJ11?) connector.

I’d be more worried about the Micro-USB charging port wearing out anyway. Hopefully we’ll be able to legally keep a magnetic cable connector plugged in to alleviate such issues.

The scrimmaging ability is already there from what I’ve been shown, and what has been officially announced. Somewhere official, I forget where, has that the new field controller is yet to be designed. We’re wired for the future as of now, but I’ve been lead to believe by off-the-record people in-the-know that a wireless system is a goal and possibly in development.

Power over Ethernet would be a nice option, since I think it’s literally just an Ethernet port on the back if they want to use the old field hardware.

They probably want to minimize making a whole new match controller and driver interface