How is it possible to rapid fire discs into a flywheel using pneumatics?

Our team uses a piston in order to index the discs from our holder into our flywheel but we are looking to make it faster. We’ve tried using motorized indexers but with our latest build, we have already taken up the 8-motor limit and have not found a sustainable way to keep a motorized indexer.
There seems to be a way to shoot one disc in one actuation instead of two, enabling a much higher indexing speed. How is this done? I’ve scoured the forums and can’t find a proper answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

If you have a sleep in between when you are setting your air cylinder to push out and then come back in you are able to bring that as low as 50 ms I’ve found. But from there all you have is a fast indexer. The problem that most teams find after that is you can‘t shoot three is succession with all following about the same path because your flywheel loses speed. One way to fix this is to add more inertia to your flywheel so it gets back up to speed quicker. One viable option of flywheel weights.

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Do you mean firing two discs with one press of the button, or two discs stacked on top of each other? For the code part, you can tell the piston to extend, wait a small bit, retract, wait, extend again, wait, and retract again, and keep going if you want.