How is this possible? Lift

6 turbo motor drive with 4"wheels; 4 high-speed motor arm;2 motor claw

This team has a lift that is a 4 Motor HS lift with a gear ratio of 5:1 my question is how is it possible to do a lift like this… Some people in the comments said they tried this gear ratio and said it did not work for them because the motors would burn out fast. I am quite skeptical that their motors are tampered with. Please express your thoughts and experiences or ideas on how to do this type of lift configuration. I am aware of rubber bands but if you have too many it will burn out the motors.

VEX Team 97917 Starstruck SS Claw - China Shishi High School - YouTube

Yeah, we tried a gear ratio of 1:5 on 4 high speed motors and it burned out our lift as soon as we tried to lift more than 1 cube. We used plenty of rubber bands, too. However, I am very skeptical that they are actually using this gear ratio on their robot; the speed their lift moves at seems much closer to just a 1:5 on regular motors rather than high speed motors.

@The Electrobotz @mwang17
So do you think 6HS 5:1, 4 Turbo Drive, 2Motor claw is the ideal setup?

I don’t think 4 motors at 2.4:1 is sustainable. Even Cam’s robot which weighed something very light ran 1.6:1 on his drive, and I doubt anyone’s ability to build a robot much lighter than his. Of course go ahead and try it; it depends on whether you value drive speed or lift speed more.

Someone claimed they did it here… Do you think it is truthful?

Personally I doubt that they managed to build such a light robot, but I don’t want to get in an argument about something so petty. I recommend you give it a shot yourself and see if 2.4:1 burns out; at worst you can just tune down the gear ratio.

Ok, Thank you I will test it and I will report my findings to you. I have no intention to get in an argument with you, I’m sorry if I made it seem like so…

Oh, not at all; I’m sorry my post came off like that, I didn’t intend it to.

Just for future reference, i would like to say, u can’t guess something accurately without actually trying it, and this is not just from me i know around a lot of teams that use the same setup as me with heavier bots and have no problem with it, i don’t want to reveal my bot, but i have seen other go high as using 4 motors 5" on drop center on such light bots and they have no problem until 40 mins of driving.

edit- it might be that, if you make aggressive turns you will most likely burn out the drive, but once you understand the bot, everything is on the fingertips.

What makes you think I haven’t tried it? Last year I ran a 13 pound robot using 4 motors on turbo on 3.25" wheels and that was too aggressive. This year I’ve built a robot aiming to be as lightweight as possible, but I simply don’t see how you can build an effective robot using only 10 c channels. If you can prove me wrong, I’m excited to see how you do it. Kudos if you can.

Our robot this year is about 16 pounds and has 4 turbo motors on 3.25" wheels. We have no problems with trioping our ptc’s. Another team in our state used to use 4" wheels with four turbo motors on a similar bot weight wise but didn’t see a need for that much speed

How??? Our old robot was 15 lbs., high speed 3.25 in wheels, and burned out if used in more than 3 straight matches.

We use a slew rate code and jpearmens smart motor library to monitor motors and try to regulate hkw quickly they accelerate ir decelerate to keep the internal heat down. We can use ours all the way through qualification matches through the finals without any problems. Driving with tight turns and quick stops causes the internal motors to heat up as well which could trip ptc’s

We also used new motors and all new shaft stabilizers on our drive to reduce friction.

It is probably best to go with 4 motor HS 7:1 or 6 motors HS 5:1
With rubber bands for assistance

@mwang17 Sorry about the 10 c-channls lel i was not near the bot or thinking properly, i used 13channal on the bot 4 for towers, 1 for claw 2 for arms, 4 for drive and do keep in mind that these are 35 log and all of the pics were cut from these amounts of c- channals. For the weight, under 10 pounds is totally possible, for example - “For any future questions about the weight, I weighed it incorrectly, it is actually 8.3 pounds” this is from 2158x’ robot reveal feom november i also have pics of him doing it on a actual scale. Btw the part where i said that about guessing what ia not posiible that was put in the wring way and i apologize for that that was intended for anyone saying it’s impossible not just you…


Why not an arm with 6 motor turbo 1:5? :wink:

Also please don’t automatically assume cheating if you cannot do what other teams have done, it can be seen as rather disrespectful.

It seems really difficult to lift that many stars, my team and a few other teams in the area are saying its the way they made the rubber bands. The rubber bands on the lift and made is such a way that they do not pull on the robot until it reaches a certain point. So thats why they are able to stay low and lift so much, and since they have a relatively light robot running a 4 motor lift with that much tension should be enough to pull down the robot.

Its not that hard guys.
They aren’t modding, they’re just good.


I don’t think the motors are actually high speed, it looks more like it’s high torque with a good battery. 4 motor 5:1 isn’t even pushing it, my old team’s done a slightly faster ratio on 4 motors and it can lift 6 stars consistently, 7 or 8 max