How is virtual judging working?

Do we take a picture of the notebook and submit it, show it to them live, or what. Also, how do they determine whether a robot is within size constraints? thank

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From what I understand, you will submit a digital notebook (non-physical) and they will review it separately.

Does this include pictures of a written notebook?


Assuming you are talking about a Remote Skills-Only Event (that is live, not pre-recorded) or a Live Remote Tournament:

You will use a tape measure or sizing tool while on camera at the direction of the head referee.


we have a physical notebook, do we send pictures?

oh ok thanks :grinning:

My team is using OneNote, and it worked well for us. I’m sure there are other similar platforms you can use if you are more familiar with them as well.

Our team already has a physical notebook, thats why I was asking. We’ll have to try that out for next year though, thanks