How is your cycle time, right now?

Whether you are a snailbot, traybot, or a clawbot, you’ll probably need some time to score/descore.

How much time, in average, does it take for you to descore a goal completely and fill it again?
How long, in average, do you take to just turn an opponent’s goal into yours?

I’d especially be interested to hear from teams with a wallbot.

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about 2 seconds, 3 at most

its better to just put one ball on top than it is to waste balls filling the whole goal.


About 5 seconds with my wallbot.


What motor cartridge and external gear ratio are you using @Xenon27?

600 rpm for my indexer, 840 rpm for my launcher, 300 rpm for my outer intake rollers, 200 rpm for my inner intake rollers.


2 seconds to empty and fill a goal, it all depends on intakes which will probably be improved soon.
My understanding of cycle time was the time it takes a ball to enter and leave the robot, but I suppose I was wrong.

you’re not going to be changing out an entire goal in gameplay, the best use of your time is to just score one ball on top of each goal, and you should be able to do that in just a fraction of a second.

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If its not 1.4sec are you even trying