How long does everyone want reveals?

Hey, our robot isn’t anywhere near finished yet (we’re working on the drivetrain and intake right now), and for us to do everything we want to do we’ll need a couple of months, but once that comes I want to make a really good, polished, informative yet fun video. I don’t think I can do that within a minute like most reveals. I would ask that everyone answer this poll, so I can know what kind of reveal people want.

  • 2 minute or less very basic overview of robot. Will have to be only informative.
  • 4 minute or less relatively basic overview of robot. Can have more fun, but not as much as we could
  • 6 minutes or less. This may give me enough time to explain the code (there’s already 1500 lines + a 2000 line library and I’m only halfway done) and also talk about how we researched, of course with some wackiness thrown in there.
  • 8 minutes or less. This would be a reveal that’s very in depth on our design process, and on how all of the code works, and some of the more “quality of life” features. We could show how we perform in matches, our Odometry performance, some statistics, and some really cool stuff
  • 10 minutes or less. This is the one I’d want to go for. We can really do whatever we want, go in depth on everything while still trying to make it an entertaining video. We’ve put so much TLC into this robot already, and it’ll only grow with time, and I really like the idea of giving people the actual scale of this project, because lord this thing is running deep.
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Now this isn’t a promise, as I don’t know video editing so I’d have to consult my team member on what he’ll be willing to do, however whatever people choose I can promise I’ll try my hardest to make it happen. I hope it’s a really good reveal.


No reveal, only grind


Exactly. Better to leave the fun stuff for when you actually start winning.


facts also reveals kinda cringe now unless its rlly good


It sounds like you’re talking more about a robot explanation than a reveal. Reveals in terms of editing and camera work have really improved in quality over the years, so I feel that at this point there’s a pretty good distinction between the two. Sounds like you’re going for something more like Freedom Gladiator’s explanation or Pibotics’ explanation rather than something like USSR’s reveal or 9181W’s reveal. (I just randomly chose these vids)


Wanna add on to what @AliA has mentioned - there is a difference between purely robot reveals and documentary.

Reveals are just simply that - showcase the robots. Generally no indepth explanations and teams normally don’t even want to have any shots/scenes that linger for too long. And hence the reason why teams are able to pack it into 1 or 2 min vid.

As for documentary, that’s when a lot of indepth explanations, vid-documentation of the build process, etc will happen. So documentaries generally can be very long videos.

So end of the day, a lot depends on what’s the purpose of you doing the video?


I’ll add one more thing, you should just do the option that you want to do the most. I don’t think that the length of the video is going to determine whether or not someone from our little (or maybe not so little) robotics community will watch, as opposed to the general population of YouTube users. Do what you like and the people that were going to watch it will likely still watch it regardless of length.


Yeah, we’re probably going to wait until after the first tournament to post it if we do do it, so we can get some footage of it in action in a competition.

Based on what you guys are saying, it seems we’ll be making a documentary. Thank you for all the input, and I’m glad that people do seem to want to see it in the polls.

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Well… our highest hit video clocked in 61k views :slight_smile:
Not exactly insignificant, but you are right - it is still a drop in the youtube ocean.


There’s also a video from 60470S that has almost half a million views. The YouTube algorithm is weird sometimes.


this is definitely no longer insignificant.

Think beyond just relying on youtube or the forum, how much publicity is done via discords and instag might make a big difference as well.


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