How long does it take to build reverse stacker?

We have one week until our next competition and we have a chassis and a scraped Double Reverse Four Bar do we have time to make a simple reverse stacker that could at least finish well in semis

there are multiple threads but this may help

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how long? about 15 inches… :stuck_out_tongue:


We built a traybot (I think thats what your looking for) comfortably in just over a week, including a chassis. However it did take a couple days more tuning to get it reliable and competition ready.


one week isn’t going to be long enough to perfect it at all but if you are willing to put in ~5 hours you can have one that functions well enough for competitions


We have the tray done all we have left now is the intake

By the way we are middle school so…

if you have tray worst comes to worst just mount intake to the tray and dont have arms

We have about six hours of class time left so I think we can make an arm

i would reccomend not doing an arm. A simple tray is pretty good if built decent and arms will add a lot of complexity and may not fit. Simple trays can also sometimes descore and backload into towers. u might even have time for auton. A well built simple bot will usually beat a badly built complex bot.

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I agree but our robot has plenty of space on the sides and if we make a simple arm it would be easier than mounting an intake with our chassis

all you gotta do is bolt it to tray ,arm if you can but i think bolting to tray would be best because then you can drive

Okay sounds simple enough

@Jagwirerobotics1 please don’t mount the intakes to the tray. This could make releasing the stack of cubes more prone to falling over and harder to stack. It would also be harder to add compression. I would recommend putting the rollers on stand-offs and then compressing them from the side with standoffs. this way when you stack cubes the rollers split apart and you get good compression.


So I need to mount to chassis but allow it to have enough flexibility to still spread apart when putting tower in corner

the rollers don’t have to have a lot of flex but if u push pretty hard they should spread apart. just mount them on stand-offs and use a stand-off on a pillow bearing to push the rollers in. I made mine really pushed in and could get 12 cubes with this setup on my old robot. make sure the rollers are a little more tilted then than the tray angle.

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Do you have pic so I can get an idea about how to mount because our chassis is a little weird due to the fact that I configured it to be strong enough to resist a defensive robot

So like this

Can confirm dont mount intake on tray it doesnt go to well

i think that system should work but an easier (and maybe a little jank) system that works well is just putting each roller on two stand-offs, and then having a standoff or screw that pushes the roller in from the outside of the robot. I don’t know if I can send any pictures tonight, but I probably can tommorow.

@Sylvie has a guide on this

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