How long should i expect my battery to last?

I have a Robot that runs 4 300 rpm motor drive. i feel like my battery(which is very new) is running out very fast. and the brain almost always say’s that the drive motors are over heating even though the robot is driving just fine. keep in mind that i am not running any other motors. It usually will be at 50% at around 10 minutes of constant driving. I was just wondering if this is normal Thanks!

Sounds like you have a lot of friction in your drive. Fix that and it’ll stop overheating the motors and your battery will last longer


Also what diameter are your wheels (asking cuz that affects the linear speed
I did 300 rpm 4” wheels last year and it pretty much never burned out and the battery lasted a solid amount of time


my batteries last around 30 minutes each. the life isn’t that long, but friction in your drive could cut that shorter


Did you use bearing flats? If so you might want to loosen them, Or line up the holes where the axels are. Then spin the wheel, and if it doesn’t spin very well, it’s friction

My batteries often die after around 20 mins of driving, and they’re pretty old.

Depending on the number of motors and how much you are using them about 20-30 minutes (1)

Construction is key, the less weight and friction you have the better life you will get.

(1 - A single charge should last all day for all of your matches except for the last 15 seconds of the final)


This is not true

This is too true, lol


At 25 mins of battery life that’s 11 matches.

6 Quals, quarters, semi and the final is 9 matches, three skills runs and that’s your 11 matches :slight_smile: and why it dies in the last 15 seconds of the finals. (Skills are only a min remember?)

My team’s battery never last that long. We have to rotate between 3 batteries just to get through a competition (but that might also be because we do a lot of practice on the practice fields).

For my team we had the same problem, but we had a lot friction on our motors and not to mention our base was purely made out of steel.

We barely managed last year, and we used 5-6.

Wow that’s a lot of a batteries.

Yeah, it is. Our team had three, we were given one by an EP for some reason, and two of our team members (myself and @Zenix) each had a battery that we brought in for competitions.

Well that’s teamwork right there!

You could say that, or you could say that it was the only logical thing to do. Either way it worked