How long should it hang?

In regards to hanging/lifting, how long does the robot have to be able to hold itself up? Will the lifting be judged after the match ends, and so the robot must be able to lock in place and stay lifted until the match is over? Or if it is lifted when the match ends does that count?

Your robot has to lift and stay lifted until the referees finish taking score.

Bear in mind that your robot’s connection will be cut at the end of the match, so you need to basically be able to turn off your robot and have it maintain the hang.

In the VEX Starstruck Game Manual, rule <G10> states:

Scores will be calculated for all Matches immediately after the Match after all objects and
Robots on the field come to rest.

It’s just a matter what the referees consider as “immediately.”

However, your robot would have to come to rest before being scored. It would have to come to rest in a hanging position. If it fell after the match, it would not be considered at rest before it fell, so therefore the hang would not count.

<G10> states that scores are calculated immediately after the entire field comes to a rest, so the robot only needs to be stable on the bar long enough for the referee to confirm the high hang.

Yes, seems like my words were misconstrued. But my question what do the referees consider “immediately.” It’s not fair if the referees take two minutes to take the scores while your robot doesn’t hold.

I would instruct my referees to look for hanging first, before counting stars/cubes. It will need to be able to hold powered down as connection to your controller and the programming is shut down at the end of either autonomous or driver control periods.

Be careful of the “comes to a rest” part of the rule. If the field shuts off and your robot immediately starts to sag, I would say that it has not yet come to rest, and scoring won’t start until it does.

If your robot is moving (at all) it has not come to rest.

Physically speaking, I don’t think it’s possible(law of conservation of energy) for the robot to stop moving and then start moving again after the match without any sort of initiating force. The only way I could see this happening is if you lifted pneumatically and your pneumatics were leaking but otherwise, any motion after the end of the match and the power shuts off would indicate motion had occurred from the end of the match and on and thus the lift would not be scored… That said, if your lift was lowering rediculously slowly it would be up to the discretion of the ref.

Would it be possible for a rubber link (or rubber band, or something) supporting the robot to snap after coming to a complete stop?

If you have a poorly built hook it could slowly stress until it breaks. It would look like your robot has come to rest, but then… BANG! I could see this happening especially if you use rubber links on your hook like 333x and they end up tearing.

In that slowly stressing, it would have to still be moving unless somehow was like drying out or something but yes, it would be much too slow of movement for the refs to catch so… Again, is really up to the ref or competition head…

Its perfectly fair, so long as both alliances are ruled the same way. Just be sure that your hang is permanent. This forum has many examples of locking mechanisms that can be applied to the task.