How long should the expansion string be for one expander?

I have a 50 ft long paracord that’s 5/32 inches, but I don’t know where to cut it to use it the best. The field is 12x12 feet with a hypotenuse of 16.97 feet.
If I cut the cord in 3, each part will be 16.67 ft, and if it accidentally misfires or I have to fire it in the middle of the field, there is a risk for shooting outside and getting disqualified.
If I cut the cord in 4, each part will be 12.5 ft, and it might not give the most amount of points.

How long should one expansion cord length be? And where is the ideal place to fire it?

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my team went with the length of the field on each but our shooter is level to the ground so it hits the corner sometimes but the best strat i can reccomend is to go into a corner and fire

Anywhere inbetween should work. If you go for a longer string, however, you might want to make sure that your button for it cannot be accidentally pressed. Would reccomend placing your robot inbetween 2 rollers on any side of the feild and measuring the string so it just touches the last tile.

You could always fly two strings; one on each side of the robot. Each 4-6 feet long, from the middle of the field. And if you want, make them level to the ground under the outer wall, they won’t go outside the wall, it should just bounce off.