How long until we can save projects in Modkit?

At the moment, we save projects in Modkit but it won’t reload them properly (in either Firefox or Google Chrome). Is there a date for when this will be sorted as we can’t start properly using it until we can save and come back to our projects.

It worked for me, it was a very small program but it did re-load. Did you save after logging in?

Logged in via Google account and saved a project. It appears in the Browse box but when you open it, there is no components and no brain. The parts flash onto the screen for a fraction of a second and then disappear. The brain tab stays at the top but the brain itself does not show. All the other components and the blocks part of the program disappears. You can add new parts but tabs do not appear for them. You can’t go to Project - New either as this does not work. You have to go back to the modkit/vex and re-launch.

Are you logged in through Google or Yahoo and what browser are you using?


I had the same problem with the motors and brain disappearing when opening a project, The solution I have found its when you click projects->Browse click only one time on the project name and give it time to load. If you double click items will disappear. My students use both Google and yahoo and this was the fix for both.


modkit save.png

Amazing what a little bit of impatience does! Cheers for that Bart, does indeed work as you suggest. Have you reported this bug to Modkit already?

Maybe you can help with another query - once we have a user logged in, we can’t find a way to log out and log in again as a different user without clearing the browser cache as clicking login automatically uses the last users details, even if they have logged out.

I have reported the bug to modkit. I have ran into the same problem, the only fix I have found is to clear the browser cache in the options menu. My students are a little frustrated by this, but I just have the clear the cache when the log off Bart

Hi, just happen to read this thread whilst using a Mac, I can confirm the same double click bug when re-loading a project happens on Safari too.

I also tested logging off from Modkit and back on again and it offered up multiple Google accounts to chose from (all those I have previously used on the computer) and didn’t automatically re-log me in as the previous logged on account. This is the same as on Chrome on a Windows PC I am currently using.