How many active VEX IQ teams are there?

I was just wondering what the active team count is for VEX IQ.

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Active as in what?
Active on online communities?
Active as in competing this season?
Active as in doing stuff instead of waiting around for the next game?

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Active as in planning to do next years game and are maybe doing worlds this year. Online what ever it doesn’t matter

According to the map search feature on robot events, there are currently 5,599 teams registered for this season:
(Now keep in mind that some teams may have registered but have been unable to compete due to a variety of factors).

So far there are 38 teams registered for next year’s game, and I expect this to drastically increase once it gets increased and teams start competing again.

For Worlds, there are currently 717 teams signed up for worlds, and this number may increase as more teams sign up (unless the registration deadline has been reached).


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