How many balls can you hold?

Got the field element kit today.

See attached pictures for some perspective on how much volume these things take up.

This is the box the balls came in. The pictures with balls still wrapped are just after we opened the box.

The box is 20x30x14 inches, but as you can see, the balls don’t go all the way to the top after settling in shipping. Maybe 1" extra. The balls are loosely packed, no squeezing in.

That is an 18x18 chassis next to the box, for reference.

The picture without the plastic wrap on each ball was packed by us. The Footballs are standing up on end, the green balls are all on top. There was room for green balls under the footballs, but we didn’t put any there.

Note there is one extra football and one extra green ball in all of these pictures (that’s how many they send).

Hope this helps!

Guys…if anything…the game elements are definitely bigger than they look.

We got the game elements today, right at the end of the meeting and they look HUGE, relatively.

If I had to make an educated guess…I would have to say that our robot could hold all of the small balls on our side of the field(including the ones in the middle) + the big ball. Or if we held 5 footballs, we might be able to do roughly 8 smalls + the big ball. The big ball does not sit in our main storage area. But I won’t have an accurate-ish count until after Thursday’s meeting.

Taking into account the weights, 3 small balls ~= to a medium ball. These objects are rather heavy, so I would think that weight is as much a concern as space.

Small Balls:
Weight - approximately 0.125 lbs
Medium Balls:
Weight - approximately 0.4 lbs
Large Balls:
Weight - approximately 0.55 lbs

I never said that I’d be lifting all of those balls up at once. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is an adorable little holonomic base in the pictures!

Also, as I’ve had to model the game objects in perspective to real sized, modeled robots. Yes they are large! Especially the large ball.

Did you guys get a full set? Maybe we can get two field running …

I’m sorry we only got the small game elements set. But if you are interested in trying to get a second field, you might want to try Mr. May. He’s sure to have bought a set or two.