How many balls do you want to be able to hold and do you want to have a other team ball holder

this is a discussion/ me asking a question about how many balls should a robot hold and does a robot need a holder for the other teams balls

Like 5 balls held and be able to hold 1 to 3 balls of the opposing alliances balls with the ability to control how many balls you have at a time.

how would they be placed in side the bot. By that I mean will you have 4 in side and a 5th in the intakes or all 5 completely inside the 18^3 box?

I feel that ball capacity is entirely dependent on your strategy for this game and how you plan to tackle scoring. There isn’t one definitive answer for how many balls you should carry.


I agree with this but I would also add that you should be able to carry at least 3 balls.

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Preferably about 4 or more, and make a pooper it makes life so much easier for driving. And if u can, a hoarder is not that hard to make

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I decided to go for maxim about of balls rather than a hoarder. I am don’t think that a hoarder will be a very good use of space because it would “take” an enemy team ball from your ability to cycle enemy team balls.

U attach the hoarder to the pooper… and then the ball can be pushed out by the next ball pooped… so its useful in everyway

I think you should be able to carry no less than three balls in the main part of your robot, and have a hoarder that will always have one of the other teams balls so you can legally cycle a goal with more than two of the other teams balls. At least thats what my robot has, and it works really well.


I thought my idea for a ball hoarder was original :angry: :anger: