How many batteries do you use at a competition?

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I was struggling with one battery at my last competition. I had to charge my battery between every match

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as many as u can the less dead ur battery is the beter u drive and the beter your aton works

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My team likes to have one fully charged battery on our robot to compete with, one on the charger, and one with us just in case the one on the robot decides to not work. After every 1 or 2 matches we switch out the used battery with the one on the charger so we never come across the issue of running out of charged batteries.


With the v5 system everything works the same no matter the battery level.(Unless of course it is dead) because the minimum voltage on the battery is more than the amount the motor takes.


Yes but at the same time it’s only able to run for about at most 40 minutes, if you go below 50% when starting the match, you risk it turning off during the match, as you may wait for confirmation after placing your robot on the match, sometimes for 20 minutes.


When V5 just came out we only had 1 battery, we pulled some strings to get ourselves a second one from another school at the time. Now we have plenty and bring 4 to competitions.

If you are really diligent with batteries you can make 1 work but it’s tough. 2 batteries is also a little tough but you can make it work.

Three batteries is enough to be comfortable.

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We took the entire clubs’ batteries last comp when only 2 teams went. There are 9 batteries in the club so split between the two teams we each had 4 batteries and mutually had an extra battery.


That really depends how much you practice at the competition. V5 batteries last less practice time than an old Cortex battery.

We have 3 v5 batteries and if we practice a lot we could barely keep up charging them with two chargers.

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V5 have pretty bad battery life (about 30 mins), so i think more batteries can help increase drive time, in case all batteries died before a match starts

Also remember to label your V5 batteries. Our battery counts dropped from 5 to 2 (stolen) on the day of our club scrimmage.

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Compared to what? Compared to the old V4 batteries, these are hugely reliable.

I think our robot was able to last a couple of hours using V4 batteries (despite the fact that the robot slows down when battery level is low)

I don’t remember being able to run a robot for a couple of hours with cortex but you were also allowed to use 2 batteries and the slowing down of the robot on low battery was a huge disadvantage.


We have two batteries for each team in my organization and I usually run my batteries down to 30% and then switch off.

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you need 3 batteries to constantly run the robot I believe. possibly 4, idk. we only have 2 right now, so I have to take like a 30 minute break every hour or so when doing driver practice. but 2 is fine for competitions, I had 4 back to back qual matches where I never got to return to the pits at my last event, and my batteries were fine, never ran a match at lower than 70% juice.

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According to V5 specification page

V5 battery capacity is 1100mah * 12.8v = 14080
Old batteries were 3000mah * 7.2v = 21600
When you use two of them = 43200

Total capacity of two old batteries is 3 times more than one V5 battery.

If V5 motors are more powerful then they will use up V5 battery much faster than 393 motors did 7.2v batteries


Realistically, due to the motors slowing after 50% charge, you would divide the run time of the two legacy batteries by 2, since you’d probably not want to run robot going at half speed
So 21600/2=10800. I think that’s how the math works. If I’m right, then one legacy battery would realistically have less run time than a v5 battery, since 10800<14080.
Although having two legacy batteries would provide more power.

Our team has 3, I have 1, my teammate has 1. We have 3 chargers. 3 on chargers, 1 on bot, 1 to spare. It works for us.

At he same time you also run less v5 motors than cortex ones.

Wheres the too many option