How many competitons will you attend?

As I sit in bed scouting for my upcoming competition, I began to wonder, how many competitions will the average team attend this season?

Some teams are blessed with being able to attend more competitions than others. I would like to know how many competitions teams on the forum are planning on attending overall this competition season.

For 3921, we are attending 9 regular competitions, plus state, and hopefully we will attend Worlds again this year.

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I believe my team will attend 7 this year (that is before states) so as we are qualified and registered for states, a total of 8 so far

We will attend six this year (plus hopefully state, but the way things are going that will DEFINITELY not happen). Unfortunately, by the time we started registering for competitions, registration on most had closed. Next year, we plan on attending as many as possible, probably around 10 or 12.

Its been really difficult to find competitions in Southern California this year, let alone ones that allow 4 teams, so we are only going to four local tournaments this year.

We will attend 9 before state, then state, us open and hopefully worlds. So 12 VEX events, and hopefully 2 open class events with the create foundation.

For VRC we have 5 events with 3 optional ones. IQ has about the same.

Then states and hopefully beyond…

You think 4 teams is tough, try 28! We’re more than a medium sized event ourselves now. We also have a few of the larger VRC organizations in our local area - Vexmen (corp is Brandywine Robotics) with 28, Norristown with 13, the Haverford School with 9 and Great Valley Middle School has 10. That does not even count the IQ teams which are growing by leaps and bounds too!

If you have trouble finding an event, you can always host your own tournament. We hosted 2 so we were sure we had enough places to play. Ask other teams to help with fields and people. Most of the time getting the gym is the hardest part in scheduling these. Your local rep can typically help direct you in what is needed once you have a spot.

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We are going to 4 tournaments before state as 5074Z but we all basically go and help out the rest of the 7 teams we have since we send them to mostly different competitions. We also host our own event to get a tournament for 3 of our teams.

We had done 7-8 the past few years but with 7 teams (up from 3 last year) we decided it wasn’t worth the extra cost to send all of them to 7-8

We have 6 middle school teams. Each will get to 6 or 7 tournaments, not including Heartland Regionals. Plus we hosted a skills challenge that all our teams participated in.

Due to the fact that the UK is a small country if I wanted to I could go to all 17 regionals if I get the train. However in practice we don’t go that far north (we’re based in London). My team are most likely going to 7 plus our national championships in march.

We are attending 7 plus state and worlds
We try to sign up for as many as we are allowed to.

We are currently registered for 7, plus State and Worlds.

We attended 3 local competitions (“state qualifiers”) in Toss Up and 2 locals in Skyrise.
We’re attending 6 locals this year. Our school’s other teams (like 5 7865s and 2 more 9185 s) are going to attend 4-5, depending on their readiness.
We’ve already attended two competitions, and haven’t qualified for states yet. Hopefully, the December 19th competition that is 3+ hours away will work out for us :slight_smile: States always goes smooth for us - there are not that many Clawbots to deal with in qualifications :wink:

There’s not enough VEXU tournaments

We attend 5 Tournaments all before January. We take January and February off for FRC Build Season.

We went to one (Space City VEX) and qualified for state there so we aren’t going to anymore until state.

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I never realized teams attended so many qualifiers. I always thought teams attended around 2-4 before states

We only attend between 2-4 before states each year. We only have 6 or 7 in the whole state (Minnesota). We already drive about 5 hours to attend one of the 3 we will go to this year. We don’t really want to drive further than that. We have 2 down, 1 to go (then State).

We will be at 4 qualifiers and league.
Then State.

This year there is 9 tournaments and one league in Minnesota. One of which we hosted. Huge growth in the number of teams this year. We are attending 5 and hopefully State. And congrats to teams 4149C and 4149G for receiving their state invites at our tournament. We try to space them out a little bit so we can fix problems between the competitions.

Living here in Alberta Canada, there are only around 3 competitions in addition to the regional finals. If i want to go to more, than i have to go to bc.