How many cones can a 1 motor 1:5 and 1:7 mogo lift carry?

Hey guys!

I am currently rebuilding my mobile goal lift for worlds and I was wondering how many cones a 1 motor 1:5 mobile goal and a 1 motor 1:7 lift can carry? In my testing I was getting approximately 12 cones for the 1 motor 1:5 lift. What about you guys? Is my build quality just bad lol.

Our one motor 1:5 could place as many cones as we needed, but could only pick up about 15 cones, which wasn’t ever an issue in a match.

1;7 can carry about 20 without an issue as long as there isn’t too much unnecessary friction

For something like this it really is all about build quality. Avoid any unnecessary friction (i.e. double gearing), make sure your bars are as short as possible while still retaining function, and design it so that the actual mechanism has to move as little as possible when picking up/putting down. If you’re picking up from a near 0* angle, you’re not going to be able to pick up much. Same goes for putting down, if your bars rest at an angle less than like 60* you’re not gonna be able to put much down, either.