How many cones can be stacked before stack tips over?

First things teams are going to think about when designing their robot, “What’s the tallest lift?” (that is an exaggeration). Well, what if your lift goes unnecessarily high? Let’s say this lift can stack up to a height of 80 cones. Would the stack of cones fall over for being too tall? What’s the physical limit of cone stacking before the stack simply falls over? Is it 15? Is it 20? Is it 30? Does anyone a guess? I don’t have any cones to try to answer this question. So thank you in advance for any answers!

You can’t get above 20 without them leaning too much and buckling in the lower part of the stack. Stationary or mobile goal.

The maximum amount of cones is around 20, but it is also something to consider that when your robot moves the stack will fall over without support. If you don’t provide support to the stack, I prefer staying no higher than 15 cones.