How many controller ports have you used?

A comment on the New Platform thread made me wonder:

What is the largest total number of ports you’ve ever used on the Vex controller?

The Vex Microcontroller has a total of 32 ports:
*]8 PWM
*]6 Interrupt
*]16 Analog/GPIO
*]2 Serial (TX/RX)
(I’m not counting the back-panel connectors)

My personal best is 17:
*]5 PWM
*]2 Interrupt (would have been 4 if I used quadrature encoders)
*]3 Analog
*]7 GPIO
*]0 Serial


  • Dean

9 if you don’t count y connects, 11 if you do, 10 motors and 1 jumper clip

I do think that vex could use a few more motor imputs, but there not really nesessary. The Vex MicroControler is very nice as it is.

Fact of the day: There is 4 or 5 (can’t remember which) ports right above the motor inputs that are not used and are covered. They are just not used so the interrupts and motor ports could be separated.

I just assumed that area was either not wired, or was hooked to diagnostic lines (like JTAG). Are they wired to anything that might be of use to an end-user?

Oh, and Technic-R-C: What were you doing that needed more than 32 ports? We need details! :wink:

  • Dean

At one time our robot this year used every single port except for the TX and RX ports. Thats why we had to use pot to change auto modes.

See this post for the pinout.