How many divisions at VEX world Middle school 2023?

Did you know how many divisions will be at the world, and after divisions final, now many will move on to qualification?

I am pretty sure that there are going to be 6 divisions at MS Worlds:

let me know if I am wrong.

I would imagine that it would be the same number of divisions as last year. 7 MS divisions, 1 JROTC division, 2 VEXU divisions. There isn’t much more space for them to fit an additional division.


I think its going to be 6 MS divisions, 2 JROTC, and 2 VEXU. I saw it on it has it set up that way.


There are 480 MS teams so 6 or 8 divisions make sense


480 teams? I’m seeing over 800 listed on the website for MS Worlds.