How many drivers per team?

I’m just curious as to how many dedicated drivers are on each team on average. We’ve recently qualified for our region’s national competition and are wondering if there’s any benefits of having the whole team as drivers and alternating each match. Will this result in better results? (As the factor of tiring ourselves out will be factored out)

I would highly recommend just having 1 driver and 2 other driver team members and not swapping the roles. This allows 1 person to specialize in driving and eliminates the need to train 2 drivers.


My team has 2 drivers with linked controllers, so one person can completely focus on driving, and the other one can do lifts, flywheels, other controls, etc.

For this to work, you have to have lots of practice and very good communication.

We also have a spotter who will tell us what is going on everywhere else on the field.

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That’s what I did last year and it worked well because there were lifts so they could completely focus on that but this year you have to shoot discs so I think it would be easier if you would just have one driver but that’s just me.

Definitely have a backup drive team though. Just in case somebody gets sick, has schedule conflict, is in the bathroom, whatever craziness might happen at an event.

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1 primary driver, but have a backup just in case the other one does show or or is sick.


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