How Many in Top 30 Skills Already Qual for Worlds?

I’m just curious because I have been thinking all season that any robot good enough to get in the top 30 in skills would be a winning robot that would qualify for worlds through tournaments. I just did a small sample set of the teams in the top 30 (both programming and robot) and saw quite a few teamsthat weren’t on the list for worlds. Of course this could be only because they hadn’t gotten around to registering for worlds yet.

So, how many of the teams in the top 30 do you think got into worlds solely based on their skill score?

A few teams such as the 8059 robots had to get in through skills because of there only being 1 spot that comes from their regional competition.

1 of them qualified through Singapore nationals and the others are in the top 30 I believe

3946E qualified through states and hold 15th in robot skills and 28th in programming skills.

1104H qualified thru skills since they didnt go to provincial