How many left handers are involved in robotics?

We noticed that there are A LOT of left handed people in out robotics team… And we thought it would be interesting to find out if this is a common trend?


  1. How many members are in your robotics team/teams?

  2. How many members are left handed?

  3. How many members are right handed?

  4. Ambidextrous…?

If you could take a minute to reply it would be great :slight_smile:

  1. 5 members (2011-12 season)
  2. 1 left handed
  3. 4 right handed

The one lefty is me, and I was the main designer of our robot this year, so that may have something to do with it. :smiley:

  1. 10
  2. 1 (me) :slight_smile:
  3. 9
  4. 0
  1. 24 (in the club…)
  2. 3 left handed
  3. 21 right handed
  4. None (that I am aware of…hmm)

13 in the club, I know for sure that at least 3 of us are left handed, including me.

Its not as prominent as i expected…

You see, we have about 12 members, of which 6 dedicated, and out of the 6 there is 4 left handed people…

  1. 4 Members
  2. 1 Lefty
  3. 3 Right Handers

Sorry, just looks like Lynfield are a bunch of weirdos :p.

  1. 25
  2. 20
  3. 5
  4. 1 (me)

im left handed. im also a 1 man team

We have 8 people in our team and 2 are left handed, the rest are right handed.

For gateway, CSM had an interaction robot team and an Isolation robot team. About halfway through the season we realized that every person on the Interaction team was left handed. :smiley: So that’s 3 out of 7 for our team.

It appears that Left-Handdedness is still about 10% of the General Population… The numbers here indicate that every team has a Larger Number of Left Handed people, compared to the General Population…

I would guess, that indicates, that Technical/Creative things like Vex, appeal to Left Handed people at a Higher Rate than Right Handed people…

( I’m Right Handed, but play Bass Guitar in which the Left Hand does more work than the Right… )

I’m right handed. But I also play Bass and Electric Guitar.

We have 5 people as well and I’m our only left-handed man, but if it helps me build a great bot (head builder) then I’m glad I’m left handed. I hope it’s the same for the rest of you :slight_smile:

Im left handed and I play guitar.
In our club/class there are 8 people (-1 since our programer just ditched us)
Im the only southpaw i know.

We have 3 people on ours. 1 left hand(me) but can write both hands and the other 2 are right handed

just me and im a righty

We have 3 members, two of which are right-handed, and one of which (me!) is mixed-handed (it’s like being right or left handed except you’re right or left handed for different things)

Ambidextrous? I write and eat with my left hand but I do all sports right handed if that’s what you mean unless its different for every sport for you.

I write and eat left handed, kick right footed for soccer, throw left handed and bat right handed for baseball and play all racquet sports with my right hand…

At least it’s sorta balanced o.O