How Many Mobile Goal's Can You Carry at the Same Time?

How many Mogo’s can you carry at the same time?

Technically one but I think you can possess one and then push another with a flat surface of the robot.


As many as you want. there is no limit. You cannot hoard more than 1 goal at a time though. Hoarding is when you shove the goal into the corner so the opponent can’t get it.


@squiddy_slapper is correct, and I ran out of likes.


No more than 7…

There is no possession limit, only a hoarding limit. You would need to be quite careful to stay out of the two corners in your home zone if you are carrying more than 1, to avoid hoarding.

Practically speaking, mechanism limitations and physical size will determine how many you can carry. Remember, they are about a foot in diameter and weigh close to 4 pounds each.