How many Motors and Y-Cables are allowed?

According to rule <R12>, robots may use up to 12 motors on the V4 Cortex. However, rule <R13> states a robot can only use 1 Y-cable. These rules are contradictory, since 12 Motors require two Y-Cables.
My question is which setup can teams use:

  • 1 Y-Cable and only 11 Motors
  • 2 Y-Cables and 12 Motors

You can use 2 Y cables as long as they don’t connect to each other. you can not Y a Y cable.

You also cannot “Y” off a Motor Controller 29, each branch of the y-cable must have a motor controller.

In previous years, @Karthik has implied you can use more than 2, as long as you don’t ‘y off a y’.


It says nothing about per robot, only per port. Therefore you can use as many y cables as you want, as long as you dont y off a y on a motor port.

I’m under the impression that you can have as many as you want so long there is only one per port and you stay within the motor maximum, which is 12 for the legacy system. Theoretically, you’d never need more than 4 because there’s 8 motor controller-accessible ports and 4 y-cables would let you have 12 motors


also, is your team going to the Tartesso Tournament?

@TaranMayer try checking on

Their sister teams are listed, not them

Our bot uses 4 Y-cables, all in different ports. This is because we got some broken ports.