How many motors do they use in arm

I have doubts about whether it is effective or good to just use a larger arm, since I do not have pneumatics, and at this time I use two motors in the arm

A well built 4 bar can lift a mogo with 1 motor as long as you have proper rubber banding and a good gear ratio.


This is my 4 bar, I feel that it is well built but I would like your opinion.

The transmission I have is 12/84

And when you say good recording bands, what do you mean? Why stretch well last well that is very tense? I would like your advice on a good rubber band.

The 4 bar looks good. Lots of bearing, screw joints, and it is aluminum.

With a torque (red) motor, that should be good enough.

You want to add rubber bands to the side of the 4 bar so that the rubber band move closer together as your lift raises. You know you have enough rubber bands when the lift starts to extend without any motor power, they take 1 rubber band off each side.

Also, next time try and only make 1 post, not 6.


You should try to always use 1 motor per lift using gear ratio and rubber bands if necessary so you have more motors for your drivetrain

2 motors with the right gear ratio can handle all the towers with ease, for one motor you will need to use a more aggressive ratio but can have plenty of power.

First of all, there are no towers in tipping point

12:84 is the most aggressive ratio you can achieve in a 1 stage gear train

Actually, 1 motor will always have less power than 2. I believe you are referring to torque.


I personally have 1 x 200rpm motor geared 1:7