How many motors for a MOGO Lift

So been debating today how many motors should I use for a Mobile Goal Lift. I dedicated 2 motors to it already but think about doing one motor so I can use it for a chain bar instead. Any opinion greatly appreciated

If you do one motor, it would need to be geared 1:7 or 1:9 most likely. 2 motors is easy because you’ll only have to gear it 1:3 or 1:5 and they would be able to lift it pretty easily, as long as your lift arms aren’t super long.

@Easton What do you mean by super long arms?

For example, if for some reason your mogo lift arms are 20 holes long, it will require more torque to lift a mobile goal at the end of the arm. For this you may need a 2 motor 1:5 or 1:7. Conversely, if the lift arms are 5 holes long, you need less torque to lift a mobile goal at the end of the arms. In this case you could use a 1 motor 1:7 or 2 motor 1:3 or 1:2.

We have a 1 motor 1:9 and it works great

@Easton Neat, I’m thinking of making the arms around 11 holes or 15 holes. Would there be advantages going smaller or bigger?

@Vexly Sorry for making so many threads, just trying to help my team and maybe others having the same question. And do you realize this is a forum right

I use one motor 7:1 torque for both mogo lifts

I would use 4 motors. This gives you enough torque to quickly pick it up.

goodness that’s overkill
with four motors you could launch that sucker

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@Vexly My dear friend, it is indeed still a forum. If he wants to make different discussions under separate categories tp possibly get varying points of view, he can. Just as you can criticizes him for it. But doing so accomplishes nothing but cluttering up this thread.

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@Vexly I don’t wanna fight with you, but ok thanks for the feedback. And you start with me lying that thread was not even talking about mobile goals and if you look on the PROS website in “Getting Started” they show you how to program a clawbot. In fact, I did the getting started to learn a bit more about coding.

So back to this thread, I be making a lift with 2 motors during this week or 2 I keep you updated

2 motors in a high speed 1:5 ratio works very well, but you can also just do torque 1:5 with 1 motor.
here’s one with 2 motor high speed 1:5

I’ve seen a 1:5 speed with 1 motor mobile goal intake work really well

2 motor high speed 1:5, not 1 motor. 1 motor torque works fine as well.

If you can, I would try to stick to 1 motor so you can use the motor on something more important like your lift or chainbar that runs during a match a lot more.

No. I’m pretty sure I meant 1 motor HS 1:5 lol

do you need rubber bands for it to work?