How many motors on scissor lift?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew or thought how many motors would need to be on a scissor lift to lift ourselves with it?

that all depends on how fast you want to go, you could do it with 2 motors if you were willing to take the time and have a really high gear ratio, if you had 4 it would go a good bit faster, twice as fast in fact

using torque motors?

that would be my recommendation

Look at 400X for reference. Their tossup bot was a scissor lift that went to the same height. That being said, 4-6 bar linkages may be a better bet for you.

It also depends on how high you are going, in Toss Up we had 4 motors, in Skyrise we had 6, both on a 7:1 ratio, this year you could get by with 2, but it also depends how much you are lifting.

do you think that 2 motors will be fast enough to just normally lift the scissor lift when im lets say trying to drop balls over the fence

That depends on what you mean by balls.

sorry stars?

with just 2 motors is would be slow, depends on your efficiency of the lift and how much it weighs but your looking at about 3-5 seconds to lift a star 2 feet in the air

alight thanks everyone for the help

Linkages are your friend, they’re much more varied and can probably be easily configured to match exactly the motion path you want your lift to take with a little fine-tuning. Obviously a scissor lift is more intuitive, but if you have the big metal/time/interest, I would definitely look into creating some 4 and 6 bars, maybe even inverted 6 bar if you’re feeling adventurous :stuck_out_tongue:

My old skyrise scissor was 3 or 4 stages (can’t remember) and it ran off of 2 motors. We ended up being division semifinalists at nationals with that thing. You shouldn’t need more than 2 stages this year so 2 motors may be enough with elastics. The main issue isn’t getting up fast it is finding the right number of rubber bands so you can still come down.