How many motors would i need.

Hello. I have a Claw bot and i want to see if i could be able to Lift a Mobil Base. Right now i have a Weak motor would i need to swap it out with Only 1 powerfull motor or 2 in order to lift up a mobil base. What would you reccomend? 1 or 2 powerfull motors to lift a mobil base with cones on top.

I would say 2 for sure with torque (original) (100 RPM) internals with an external ratio of 7:1

Only one motor is needed to lift a mobile goal. A 1:7 torque or speed or a 1:5 torque can all pick up a mobile goal. It is all about how you built the mechanism.

I built the claw bot and i made modifications to it i have a wheelie Bar to stop it from falling over either way so that its stable. Today i added 1 Powerful motor to my arm and i swapped out the motors for my wheels for powerful ones to. I practiced Driving it with the modifications i made and i was able to eventually put it into the 20 point zone, But that was because my arm was only able to tip it on its side and then i would push it over the bar so later today i am going to add a second powerful motor to my arm and see how that goes. Thank you both so much!

What do you mean by Weak/Powerful

Weak: motor 269
Strong: motor 393

Please define “Mobil Base”

A quick google search returns this link:
This is most likely what OP was referring to :slight_smile:

@Mira mobil base probably means mobile goal.