How many people have seen this?

Lot’s of people as of right now… 4,600 people have.

Since I made it, I guess I could drop some of the stats…

Nothing crazy, but w/e it was a funny little thing asking to be done.

66.5 hours of total human time spent watching that. How does that make you feel @Cody ? haha

I have seen it like 3 times, so hilarious.

I racked up a month where more people watched me in terms of time more than I was alive. That was pretty cool.

Haha this is a great video!
To be honest though all I could see were the small spelling errors :confused:
Love the creativity!

Please remember to keep this forum clean and on-topic. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Folks, many posts have been deleted from this thread for being off topic. There are plenty of places on the internet to discuss politics, let’s keep these forums dedicated to robots and related topics.