How many points is this stack worth?

Definitely should be an automatic win.
Props to Lucas and Justin from 5813E, Emancipators.

Technically speaking, none… But I’d personally give that a solid 65

Stacking a lot of cones – two thumbs up. Standing on a rotating chair with casters on it – total safety fail. It’s bad luck just seeing a thing like that.

Copyright violation, this was our meme XD

“Watch someone say that they did it first” was definitely something some one said while we were doing it.

I also was thinking about how many points this should be… 44 for cones 10 for highest stack on both the MoGo and Rocket, and a 30 point zone for the MoGo so 84 points? imo

Actually, technically speaking, 44. The 22 Stacked Cones count for the blue alliance, 2 points each.

Actually, 0. It would be impossible to make a robot capable of performing that magnificent score due to the large amount of play in the VEX parts that we are required to use. Perhaps an FTC robot could do that…

Scoring isn’t dependent on robots’ construction and build quality. That’s what judging is for.

If what happened in the picture happened in a match, the blue alliance would get 44 points, not 0, for it. End of story.

The impossibility/improbability of such a situation as in the picture happening (especially considering it would be a huge waste of time to forego Mobile Goal and Highest Stack points like that) is a different matter entirely.

If you say so, I’d like to see your try to do it for real though! Challenge accepted?