How many regionals did/will you attend?

Just wondering how many teams go to alot of regionals to try and make it to Atlanta.

Lets say a team has been to 3 regonals, but still wants to go to a 4th for practice. Is this alloud?

You would not be able to win any awards then. Section 7.2 in QQ Game Manual at

Ahh, thank you. I knew it was there somewhere, but for some reason, I couldn’t seem to locate it.

No problem.

We will only be attending two regionals due to the fact that the school I mentor does FRC, and the majority of the budget/time goes into FRC.

Hopefully we will win in MA so we can go to Atlanta.

We also run into budget problems. We would have gone to the Chicago regional but when we contacted the head person to sign up, they said it was only for IL teams. Was that for real or a load of crap she was sending our way cuz we are too good for them?

I know Rhode Island regional is only for Rhode Island teams. As far as I know, this form of excluding teams from other states is allowed. However, I don’t believe its fair to host a regional for teams of one state. This is an unfair way to ensure representation of one’s state in Atlanta.

In Rhode Islands case I believe that the state sponsors the FTC in all or most of their schools so they want their regional to be for their kids. I’m guessing the regional might be payed for by the state so they wouldn’t want other teams to come in. Also size can be an issue.

We went to the Delaware one (oh so close!!!) and we will be going to the Weatherly one. Yeah, PA sponsors nothing which is just fine.