How many rings can fit on a mobile goal?


I was wondering if anyone had figured out how many rings can fit on a mobile goal. The alliance goals look like they could hold about 15 while the Y branches can probably fit 3-5 per branch. Does anyone have a more accurate amount?

Going by calculation, it is abt 3.75 rings per branch.
Meaning if the mobile goal is not moving, you should be able to pack 4 of it. But most likely the 4th ring might fall off if the mobile goal is being carried around.


on the post of the alliance mobile goal, I could fit about 8 in CAD

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The alliance mogos reach 12.29" from the ground with a 5.29" tall base:
and the “bowls” are 2" deep:
This means the exposed PVC is 9" (12.29-5.29+2).

The rings are an inch thick:

If all the rings are cupped together, and oriented with the cup up, I think you could just barely fit 9 rings, but the 9th would be a little precarious.


yeah this seems accurate to what I got in CAD, I wouldn’t trust the 9th ring but it could fit if the goal is stationary