How many Robots are done

I want to have a less controversial post than the recent things that have been on the forum. This is a pretty simple question how many of you have robots done ( scoring objects) and what do you think is the most challenging aspect of the game so far. Pictures are more than welcome.

The answer to my own question is we have our robot done and have been through a partial rebuild. The most challenging thing is game strategy because it affects robot design so much.

I only have a half build done :stuck_out_tongue:
I was talking with someone on Instagram the other day that said they were already past their fourth robot prototype… Why am I so slow…
If you want me to post pictures and such I could upload them here and talk about them. Within the next week though I should be getting a lot more work done, hopefully.

I have parts of each subsytem done, will have a bo done in the next two weeks. The hardest part has to be the mobile goals for me.They change so much on your statergy and design of the bot. Gonna post an intake idea i have built tonight.

Does anyone have any good advice for building and designing faster? My team is still on our DR4B proto from last week.

My prediction is that no one’s robot will be “done” until about an hour before their last tournament of the year, and maybe not even then.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have autodesk then that can be really helpful as most times it’s easier to use that than to actually build(for me at least). Other than that you really just have to practice; eventually it’ll get easier to look at a design problem and come up with solutions.

Yea, we already use inventor and it has really turned out to be useful for the spacing on things.

We’ll watch out for you guys this season!

I dont even have my game elements yet ;_;

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Hopefully I can get out of this rut that we’ve been in for the past couple years…

Same… I don’t know why… We ordered them(the quarter field kit) like 2 weeks ago and Vex’s website says they ship may 15 but everyone else has been getting theirs to I don’t know what’s going on :confused:

Joseph, if it makes you feel better, we still don’t have ours either.

I haven’t built a thing yet. We’ll all rebuild seven times before the first tournament, so I’m not overly concerned.

me niether.

Intake built (Not tested yet), but that’s all I have. We have exams currently which means almost no time for robotics! YAY!!!

Everything’s built, i just need to test stacking, because i only have one cone and no bases. On the up side my eng room is super clean

Couple more days till WASABI gets its first bot.

Got this strange feeling it’s the first of many though…

still in early stages but drive and tower are done

I’m currently on my second robot right now

true dat. we made it to worlds, and mine from starstruck still isn’t done, i just decided to not get stuck in the past and focus on the bright, yellow future of robotics: cones. :slight_smile:

I’m most of the way done in Autodesk, then I will move to the physical realm. I haven’t been doing much with robotics for a while.