How many sensors can we use?

I’ve looked through the rules and haven’t found anything clarifying this, so I figured I’d ask here. How many vision sensors and 3 wire port expanders are we allowed to use in competition?

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As many as your brain can fit


General rule of thumb:
If nothing in the manual makes it illegal, it is probably legal.

So since nothing in the manual (linked below), establishes any amount of sensors illegal, any amount is legal!

Theoretically, you could use up to 20 “smart” sensors or 168 three wire sensors on your robot (there aren’t any rules that say you need at least one motor on your robot, although <R21> states you must have 1 or 2 controllers, and hence need 1 radio on your robot, which will take 1 smart port).

Someone will have to correct me if my math is wrong.


Ah 168 sensors. You should have a pretty good auton then


I meant vision sensors

As many as your brain can fit. (Again, since it is not denied by the rules it is allowed.)


Strictly speaking, there is no requirement that sensors be connected to the brain either. So although you can “only” read data from 168 of them at once, the real limiting factor will probably be the 18” cube - by my calculation, that’s enough volume for at least a thousand VEX potentiometers.


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