How many stacks are allowed at each corner for tower takeover?

We were having a friendly practice match and my alliance said that only one stack is allowed for the front and two stacks at the back. Is this true? Also if there is where does it state in the VEX official game rules?

There is no rule that states this but I think based on the measurements you could only reasonably fit one in the smaller and two in the larger

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^what @MasterCole said


Although, there is still nothing stopping you from doing this:




There isn’t a rule against it but you can only physically fit 2 stacks in the rectangular zone scored and 1 in the other zone scored.

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Stacked Cube - A Cube status. A Cube is considered a Stacked Cube if it meets the following criteria at the end of the Match:

  1. Contacting the Top Surface of a Base Cube or Stacked Cube.
  2. Not contacting the top of the field perimeter wall.
  3. Not contacting the Top Surface of any Cubes which are not Scored.

You could fit 3 in the bigger zone without too much trouble if you stack 2 on the bottom and put 3 stacks on top of those.


A feat which, now, I think some bots will be designed to accomplish. Though it’ll be difficult, surely. But we’ve seen crazier from our teams!


We tried many permutations, there is no way to fit more base cubes than intended into each scoring zone.


The rules that dictate whether or not a cube is counted as scored will not allow you to fit any more than 3 stacks per alliance