How many Stars

I was just wondering what your guys opinions are on how many stars are you planning on holding and what you where thinking about using to launch said amount. for example 1 star catapult or 5 stars bucket.

I was thinking a 3 star catapult, because its pretty close to a cube in weight.

How are you going to fit 3 stars on a robot? Expanding platform?

I’m going to focus on one to start off and get them out really quick

A hinge.

We are not going to post pictures yet but our team has a 6 star intake/ catapult that is flip out. In early testing it has no major problems. Expect pictures after we find a better intake concept.

That sounds about the same as our brainstorming ideas @jonathan1115 . I think 6 is probably going to be our team’s end-of-year goal, while we will start with a miniature version that is only 4 star capacity. As for cubes, our team is aiming for just one at a time due to the added weight, but depending on exactly how powerful the launcher is, we might do a combo (Ex: 1 cube, 3 stars).