How many teams plan to lift.

Our team will be attending the CREATE US Open in a week. We were wondering if adding a lift would be necessary, or if we could rely on being lifted. If you do lift, do you mainly score short or long range? Thanks.

I would not suggest adding a lift, because there is 8 days till the competition. My team should have our lift completed by the time of the Open. We do both short and long range.

Are you in midleschool CREATE? Or highschool?

We are in high school. The plan would be to retrofit a ratchet based lift system to our flywheel.

I agree.
If you have a working prototype that can be added and taken off easily without hurting you, it may be worth it, but more likely than not, you will not be able to lift very often and is just going to lower your average score. I have seen too many teams make last minute changes like this (including us) that ended up not working or causing problems at a major event.

I think lifting bots should be tuned for the full court as first priority because they are likely going to be slower than the fielder.