How Many Teams Use Scissor Lifts?


How many teams out there use scissor lifts and not chain or dr4b?


Here is Wisconsin, I would place the proportion of scissors lifts at about 8%. They are wonderful to behold (in my opinion), but VERY difficult to get them to work properly.


I’ve seen a total of 2 scissor lifts in GA this entire season.


Yeah. I can’t remember seeing too many scissor lifts in VA. Probably for the same reason as 536Mentor. We did a scissor lift in our rookie year with Skyrise and have sworn them off. What a mess. And we didn’t know about aluminum back them. You can only imagine!


There are a few in Indiana. 574D has a really good one. They have a picture of one of them holding their robot sideways with the scissor lift fully extended and there is no discernable sagging. It is very stable and fairly quick.

We have not done so well with scissor lifts.


I’ve seen more scissor lifts this year than any other year, but the by the time of States there was just 1, maybe 2 in the elimination rounds.

They’re honestly great lifts in general, but just really hard to do in VEX.

Outside of VEX, man those things are great.


Yeah, this. Some during the season. Few at states.


I’ve seen a few good ones this season, but they aren’t very prevalent. I believe there will be at most 3 (out of 45) in the Kentucky State Championship on Saturday, unless there were some rebuilds in the last few weeks. We had one tournament with a scissor bot ranked at #2 winning when paired with #3, a good chain bar (disclaimer: the “good chainbar” was my daughter’s Middle School team.) The 2nd round pick (and third alliance member) was also a scissor lift, but they ranked 26th. They were picked because they were from the same school as the #2 robot. Here’s the early season reveal for the eventual tournament champion at that tournament:
And yes, they switched to anti-slip mat before competing.
Here’s the reveal thread:

They didn’t win another tournament after that.


Yeah one scissor lift team when paired with their other school’s DR4B then DR6B formed one of the most formidable duos in the state, then they just faltered at the State Championship.


In Ohio there aren’t any scissor lifts as far as I can think of. There was a handful of them at the beginning of the season but they’ve all rebuilt to chainbars or internal stacking DR4B.


In South Florida there was only one scissor lift at the very first competition of the year, and they ended up taking it off and being a mogo bot for the competition.

The scissor lift never saw the light of day again.


Washington state has two good scissors going to worlds (my team) and 10955m has an insanely fast one


In Minnesota I know of one team for sure the had one in the state tournament. They did very well being ranked 1st out of 65ish teams for qualification. They went on to to win tournament champions, skills, and the excellence award.
Check them out on instagram if you want to see the robot.


I think in SD we only had 1 but there might have been a second


I have only seen one scissor lift this season and it worked very well.


Those are both very good scissor bots. Both teams did great work. Congrats on your State Championship win.




In our opinion, scissor lifts are very easy to get working and are very hard to break. Sometimes, it leaned to one side by a few feet, but still worked perfectly. Easier to use than DR4Bs honestly.

Only two at PA state, high school and middle, including us.

The best part of a scissor lift is that they are more stable than DR4Bs and are WAY simpler to put together than a DR4B, even if they are slower. Got our scissor working in three months, starting in September, winning a tournament in December.

Scissor lifts recommended getting into sates, but not past there and into worlds.


yeah at my qualification tournament for State, 917S (who we picked for 1st seed alliance) ** had ** a pretty good one, but the drive train burned out during finals and we lost :confused: (we got Excellence anyways, and they got Design)

They got rid of it for States and their other team (917F) ended up winning a bunch of stuff with a DR4B…@TheLordsChipsBuilder was there


@whatwhat1 Are you referring to me???