How many Triballs?

Since in skills you can only score in the red goal, and I don’t have access to a field yet, for those who do have a field, is it possible to cram like 50 or more triballs into one goal. If not please tell about how many can fit in there before it can fit anymore. Also, no lifting the net up.

During our summer camp, we tried this and we’re able to get MOST of the triballs in no problem. The last five or six might have been pushed in the top…

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This specified in the Skills portion of the Game Manual - did you download a pdf copy of it?

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Totally misinterpreted the question - in practicality, I think the answer depends - if it is permitted for the goal to be lifted and held up by accumulated triballs.

Sounds like @Micahy321 has first hand experience - any details about net lifting in process?

what is specified the number in a skills match or the number that can fit in the goal

Yeah… I will test this when the season starts because even if you are not scoring triballs illegally from the top, if you legally score triballs but the net lifts in the process, that’s bad news. With that in mind, maybe 45 is the most you can actually fit.