How many VEX teams in the world

How many VEX teams are there world wide?

I would say about 1,400

Thank you

Think there is a zero missing behind.

That’s the total that have competed. I would say 1,400 registered for starstruck is pretty accurate.

Last time I checked it said somewhere on the website that, about 24000(not approximately) vex teams (including vex U, vex EDR and vex IQ) had been registered - I don’t know if it’s accurate, but that’s what I remember

again, if you’re not doing anything special with the API, vexdb will return the total number of teams that have ever competed.
This older post has some additional information.

Ok. Thanks
We were looking at our skills score and figuring what percentage level we were with competing teams. Right now my A team is #112 as of this morning in world rankings.

If you are looking at the level of skills challenge, it is a bit too early to compare.
Typically, the skills scores will spike up around Jan onwards.

Oh I know. BUT… it is a good motivation tool when you have some really hardcore over achievers. I am using it as a motivational tool.

There are exactly 23,958 teams registered to this date.

Registered for this season or ever?

I tried searching for an older team and they don’t seem to show up on it, so I believe it’s registered for this season…
EDIT//: To be honest, I don’t know for sure because I searched for 1815D (Us), and it said “Registered?:No”

I’m assuming you are talking about vexdb. Nallen hasn’t gotten it updated for the new API yet, so that’s why the information hasn’t updated for this season yet.

So there are about 8700 VRC teams currently registered and last year had 11700.

Thanks Tabor!

Thank @Karthik. He has access to that kinda stuff.