How many wheels are necessary this season and does the robot need to be elevated?

How many wheels do you guys think are necessary this season? And does the robot need to be elevated to be able to go onto the 2.75 inch 20 point bump?

How do you mean elevated? And 4 should be fine, you can use 6 if you want to though, it knly adds weight unleas your going for 6 motor drive

I have already built the robot and am using 1-2-1-35 aluminum c-channel for the base and to be able to roll over the big bump in the twenty point zone, I have slightly elevated the frame with the pillow bearings.

I am currently running a 6 wheel drive, but I am thinking of switching back to 4 wheels. I don’t think the extra wheels are all that necessary. I am currently running an elevated base and it is really good for getting over the 10pt bump with ease. I am not planning on going over the 20 pt bump. It is unnecessary and gives you little space to work with. As such, a level drive works best for me.

Leeks! :slight_smile:

Why do you think that it is important to drive over the 20-point pipe? I think most of us are just planning on driving over the 10-point pipe and setting mobile goals down over the 20-point pipe. I’m interested in what you think.

I just made sure my drive has about 1.5 inches of clearance, personally.

I did 4 wheels so that there is less bumping than there would be with an extra set of wheels going over the pipes.

I think I’ll switch over to four wheels, but what do you guys think about my claw? How big does it really have to be?

Do you have cones? Based on the height it rests at, and the shape of the cones, it should be readily apparent (and simply a matter of tweaking).