How much bigger is FRC than VRC nowadays?

So after being at university for a little over 2 months, I’ve bumped into significantly more frc kids than vex kids. Out of all the classes I’ve taken so far, there has always been one or two (4 is the record) frc kids and then 1 vex kid. But the thing is that I’m the vex kid. So whenever we talk about robotics it goes like, “you like power up?”

The only vex kids I’ve ran into so far are from my old org or going to the robotics club. but even inside the club like half of the kids are from frc, which is pretty kinda nuts for what it is.

so with some google searches i got the following information:

teams * average team size = kids
4,000 * 30 = 120,000 frc kids
11,400 * 4 = 45,600 vex kids

is that right?

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The number of FRC students would be lower, team sizes are more like 12-20 roboteers vs 30. But if you do the revised math you get 48,000-100,000 roboteers. It’s still wildly popular.

Edited to put FRC in the post…