How much compression is too much

Is this enough compression? I noticed that this amount of compression has trouble holding 6 cubes. Would I need to increase compression sl that the intake can hold more cubes?

Your problem is not compression, your arms are opening up more than your hinges. They should stay parallel even when there’s cubes in them. The pic looks like they’re opening up when a cube enters. Could you send more pictures? Specifically of the rest of the arms, and a full shot of your robot. Also, maybe use the small flaps, in my experience, they work better.


I can send some more pictures later, thanks for the advice.

Great, also I would recommend boxing your arms. I can send you some pictures of my arms as well. There’s a few things there you could apply here. I can send those around 3:20 - 4:00 EST.

I would suggest that you have small flaps to get more treads to the cubes.

These are boxed C-channels, a buddy of mine didn’t have these and eventually they snapped under the forces they were subjected to.

the standoff at the back of my arms helps to stop them from widening at the front, this will also help your design.

These bars also keep the arms rigid in the down position. You might not need these, and they’re kinda jank. So only use this method as a last resort.


A lot of other topics say that moving the intakes closer together and using the small flaps helps compression a lot, you may want that.

Here are some other pictures

I would try adding bracing between your two arms. The arms you have will have a lot of slop, this will make compression bad and inconsistent. If you brace them in between at two points, they should not move nearly as much.

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