How much do the acorn/tri-balls weigh?

I recently 3d printed one an it’d be nice to know the weight so I can add or remove weight to it.

I’d be nice if you checked the manual before you posted on the forum.


Appendix ‘A’ in the manual is the ‘Field Specifications’ section where you will find details like dimensions and weights.

Page ‘A10’ is the detailed specifications of a Triball.

Reading the manual from cover to cover is strongly recommended.


@lspiteri I 3D printed one in PLA as a shell and it was within the weight specs
Triball prints well as a shell, now what should I fill it with? - #9 by lukas_maximus

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They weigh the same as a sparrow.

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Actually, you’re wrong. A sparrow weighs less than a Triball.

According to the Game Manual, the Triball weighs 103-138 grams, and according to this website: How Much Does a Bird Weigh? - Average Bird Weight Facts.
Sparrows weigh much less. Both are measured in grams.

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Meant to say a swallow… african.

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I don’t know where you’re getting this information…I just searched this up on Google and many sources show that it’s weight isn’t even close to that of a triball, all measured in grams…


The easiest way to remember the weight of a triball is that it equals the weight of 14 to 18 acorns, according to chat GPT.

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