how much do the stars bounce?

I was wondering how high to the stars bounce if they are pushed off or droped from about the height of the fence.

It is very unpredictable because it depends on how they land. It is not likely that they will bounce out of the field (unless they are near the end of the fence near a field wall). However they may (or may not) bounce into the high scoring zone.

If dropped from the height of the fence, a star can bounce around 10 inches if it lands right on a point

If I had a star I would make some scatter plots of distances and direction

I can do this tomorrow, but the stars seem to have a lot of variance, so dumping is not guaranteed to get your star into the far zone. Either way, the opposing alliance is either going to score that back over on your side, or push it to the near zone, so I don’t expect to see a lot of stars in he far zone.

I would expect also that they would never go the same direction too often and therefore not fall in the same spot too often either. Based on their shape.

We did tests, and if it’s the higher area of the fence, it’s about a 50%-75% chance of a far goal(Yeah, it’s able to do that)
If it’s the lower area of the fence, it’s about 25%-50% chance of far goal.
They only bounce from about 1-3 times… Usually 2.

They don’t really bounce too much, however when landing on a single peg from a higher height they tend to bounce a bit more than usual. Hope this helps