How much does your robot weigh?

Hello good day, I would like to know how much your robot is weighing this season, and what would be the optimal weight to be able to raise me high, without further ado I say goodbye sending you a cordial greeting.


Ours was 9.5 lbs. We were able to get easy c tier.


Our state robot was just under 12 pounds, we used 4 single-acting pistons to elevate it and 12 rubberbands to assist in pulling the robot up


ours weighed 20 pounds but we were able to get a tier (hang not side park)

Most robots this season that do well weigh between 12 and 16 pounds, as too little weight leads to very little inertia when ramming other teams, and certain mechanisms can be built much sturdier and reliably when they are a little heavier.


If we woulda used the ziptie bearings we would have been prolly about 8.5 lbs.


Our worlds bot is 13.5 and we can get a G tier hang

Not sure if you would save 1lb more like 0.5-0.7 fyi

I like what team 625A did. They are 12.5 pounds and extremely fast. They have a quick effective hang because of their low weight. They have a pits and parts episode as well showing how well they maintained their weight.

High weight can make it so that you can’t hang as high or as fast as a lighter bot. In contrary, bigger bots are great due to the nature of this game and all the pushing needed. Finding a balance right for your team is important.


mine is hovering at 13.6

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