How much have you guys improved over the years?

Safe to say I never let my team build a drive unsupervised again


My first, second, and third robot I made in my only year I played. Couldn’t arrange pics so the order is 2,3,1. image image image

Edit: forgot to mention that on my first and second robot I used the exact same frame, and for both of them the frame wasn’t even square. and also looking at my second robot I forgot I used linear motion rails for arms despite having aluminum C channels



You guys got nothing on me. My bot for nbn was so bad. Just…so bad.
All traction wheels four motor drive. And a double flywheel that shot approximately 2 ft.

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Wanna bet? the bot’s forklift in the picture above was changed 4 times in the middle of the competition because it was so heavy, and we eventually just removed it entirely and would just hit the stars off the fence with a solid metal bar

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Pfffttttt, you think you can beat me? Our bot didn’t have any bearings, no auton, and was built in 10 minutes at the competition.
Good luck beating that lol :wink:


one of my teams last year made a robot that was able to score nothing and had 3 months to make it.

We had a 2 motor cortex drive in the early season

My bot didn’t have any bearings. Stalled out every match and a wheel fell off mid match. Just rolled off. It was both funny and sad.

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same, my behemoth DR4B robot seen above used standard claw bot code. (I was a one 1/2 man team for half the season)

That was literally us
May I add that our bot wasn’t even 5 inches tall?

Pictures? I’m interested

image image
I can safely say that we have improved.

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Sure. I’ll try to secure some from my teammates, they caught some good footage too lol

During nothing but net we had a way undersized chassis and a garbage flywheel. (We had no clue it needed a hood.) Although it is not finished I’n this photo, it’s the best image I have on hand. image

I’m the time from then to now I’ve learned so much more about build quality. Here’s some pictures of the bot I took to state for turning point:

image image

If you are just starting, know that if you keep pushing yourselves you will get better. I’ll be the first to admit that I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve certainly come a long way from where I began. You only stop improving when you decide you can’t get any better. :​)


This wasn’t that robot, but it was the one we built right after. It was also barely 5 inches tall, being just a bit over

Edit: no, it is shorter than 5 inches, those wheels are the 5 inch wheels, and it is shorter as you can see.

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Man I knew it was bad but not that bad

Edit: you can even see my later designed come skewer that was on my second robot,

This is a neat thread, thanks OP.

My first competition was in Skyrise. I was a freshman on the team, which was in its second year at that point, and I remember showing up to competition with a robot that consisted of this drive base, a turn table (yep, that happened), a scissor lift that we hadn’t had time to put motors onto yet, and a flip-out pneumatic claw. We didn’t realize until we evidently failed inspection that the robot was somewhat over 20" tall. As we hadn’t wired up the lift yet anyway, we simply removed it from the robot, and attached the claw directly onto the turntable. This meant that we could drive around and sort of push cubes back to the scoring tiles. Oh and I had to write the code on the bus on the way to the competition, and the result was that you could turn on the turntable, and chang which direction it was turning, but you could not turn it off. Naturally we did not discover this until around 2s into driver control in the first match. Somehow we managed to end up 3-3-1.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve improved since then, but I think most of that improvement was organization and preparedness, rather than programming skill. I think ITZ (my last year for HS VEX) was the first season where my code didn’t brick our bot during a match at some point, and overall we were just significantly more prepared for every match and game scenario than in previous years; by the end of worlds, the drive team could choose from 52 different autonomous routines for each match. (I think they only ever used 4 or 5 at worlds, which was expected, but we didn’t know which 4 or 5 it would be.)


Our first year was starstuck. I don’t have any pictures, but our first robot was literally a clawbot with a telescoping arm. We could get about 5 stars over the wall in one match. Funny because we actually got 8th at that tournament because only 8 teams showed up due to severe weather, and that was our best finish until this year.


My first ever game was Quad Quandary.

My second ever match I forgot to plug in the radio receiver on the robot and didn’t move.

I wasn’t able to build more than a shaky pushbot.

Afterwards I got a lot better at it., Being able to build lifts and more advanced drives, better at programming, etc.